Benefits of MatchUp Door County for Businesses:

Piecing together a puzzle can be a fun challenge but not if you’re missing critical pieces. If your business staffing puzzle is missing part-time employees, MatchUp Door County is here to help! 

What is Match Up Door County?  
The MatchUp program takes a proactive approach to purposeful employment by connecting part-time work opportunities with local businesses to an experienced workforce. All while building a supportive environment where older adults in Door County can thrive while positively impacting the community through meaningful work. 

How it works:
To facilitate a seamless process, program participants and businesses will receive one-on-one support, guidance, tools & training from the MatchUp program to ensure successful matches. 

How would my business benefit from becoming a MatchUp Business? 

  • • Access to a valuable, knowledgeable and experienced local workforce. 

• Help filling part-time positions and employment gaps with carefully matched program participants. 

• Receive ongoing support, age-friendliness training and guidance to promote success for
everyone involved. 

• Provide opportunities for participants to impact the local community and economy in a
positive, meaningful way. 

• Obtain free membership for 2024 by signing up as one of the first MatchUp businesses. 

MatchUp is here to help you and your business find those few missing pieces needed to complete your year-round or seasonal employment puzzle. 

Benefits of MatchUp Door County for Participants:

Connecting the unique needs of older adults to personalized employment opportunities in Door County!

What is Match Up Door County?
The MatchUp program takes a proactive approach to personalized employment by connecting flexible, part-time employment opportunities to your unique experiences, values, time commitments, and personal needs.

How to connect through the MatchUp program:

The MatchUp program aims to build a supportive environment where MatchUp participants throughout Door County can thrive while positively engaging with the community through carefully selected
employment opportunities.

Benefits of Connecting through the MatchUp Program:

• You have access to part-time positions in Door County communities selected specifically for you, based on your unique needs, time commitments, experiences and values.

• You receive ongoing support to ensure success in your new role, while you enjoy meeting new people and making a little extra cash!

• Know you are contributing to your local economy by filling part-time positions with business in the Door County Community.

Contact MatchUp Door County today for help finding that missing piece that fits in your life picture!

Connect with the MatchUp Program!

Contact: Kris Ingram
Email: matchupdc@gmail.com
Phone: 920-495-0660
Address: 185 East Walnut Street, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235