Do Good Door County has been developed to assure that all residents of Door County can age in the way they want, in the place they want, and be a part of the community that they love.

It is our vision to empower the connections in the community to support a welcoming, safe and accessible culture, enabling people to fully engage living in Door County.  We are developing and/or implementing programs and initiatives that would make it better for Door residents by: 

We initially created a mission and vision based off the They is Us effort, a valuable initiative done in 2015 that offered a general sense about Door County residents’ wants and needs as they age.

In the Fall of 2022, we completed a survey in collaboration with St. Norbert College Strategic Research Institute followed by community forums to get a more complete, deeper picture of Door County residents’ expectations and desires as they grow old.  This is the launching point for all efforts in 2023.  Take a look at the full report.


Interested in learning more?  Contact us at 920-659-5159 or email us at dogooddoorcounty@gmail.com.

Help us become the organization that gives a voice to aging in Door County and continue our important work in the community.