Healthy Aging with the Village Model

by Cynthia Germain There is no question that as we age, we wish to do so gracefully, maintaining our independence, well-being, and connections within our communities. Yet, for many of us, the path to healthy aging can seem fraught with challenges, from physical limitations…

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Letters to the Editor

by Cynthia Germain In the Peninsula Pulse last week, Letters to the Editor section, there was a disturbing letter from Jean Hollander of Egg Harbor titled Save Our Seniors During a Storm. She explained that she is 80 years old, lives alone and her…

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Revolutionizing Aging in Door County

As the United States grapples with a rapidly growing population of older adults, innovative solutions are needed to support their changing needs. One such solution gaining traction and making a significant impact is the “Village Model.” This model is not just transforming the lives…

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