Why the survey phone number

Full disclosure! When we were planning for the Age-in-Place survey six months ago, we honestly hadn’t considered how people could complete it outside of the internet. We knew that there were access troubles in the county, and certainly there were those who didn’t have computers or otherwise not able to complete the survey online. And then we met Jessica Hatch, the county’s Broadband Coordinator. If you want to know just how concerning accessibility is in Door County, visit https://www.fibernetdoorcounty.org/.

To be sure every resident had an opportunity to have a voice on how we age, we secured an answering service. They are professional, friendly folks, happy to ask the questions of the survey and input the answers as provided. The phone number, 920-659-5159, is on a postcard delivered to every mailbox in Door County as well as flyers distributed throughout.

The survey closes on Tuesday, October 25th so be sure everyone you know steps through it, online or by phone!