Vestiges of the Tide

There’s a rare, new exhibit at the Miller Art Museum in Sturgeon Bay. Ask Helen del Guidice, Curator of Exhibitions and Collections, what’s unique about this exhibit and she tell you it’s the topic, one relevant to our community…aging. And not just aging but…

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Cheesehead Vim and Vigor

It has been fun to watch the Green Bay Packers this season, mostly because there weren’t big expectations for the team. That undemanding attitude is based primarily on their being the youngest team in the NFL this year. But beyond the statistics and scores,…

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Navigating Winter with Confidence

Well, it was bound to happen…SNOW. We live in Wisconsin and know the challenges of winter, especially when it comes to snowy conditions. For older adults, however, ensuring safety during the winter months is paramount. With a few practical precautions and some planning, seniors…

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