Vote for Home Care

Voters need to talk to their lawmakers about keeping home care affordable and available. But it’s not always easy to get in touch with members of Congress. Fortunately, a program called “Bring the Vote Home” is helping connect lawmakers directly with voters on this topic.

Members of Congress who vote on legislation that impacts the home care industry and their clients often times have little understanding of the value that home care provides to millions of older Americans and people with disabilities. The national Bring the Vote Home campaign is designed to provide critical information to lawmakers by inviting them into the homes of the clients (their constituents!) to learn first-hand how home care makes such a profound difference in the lives of those who rely on it.

Bring the Vote Home will shed light on issues impacting the industry and the needs of this country’s growing aging population, including:

– Medicaid HCBS reimbursement and minimum wage requirements
– Keeping home care affordable for family-funded home care
– Demonstrating the value of home care
– Addressing home care’s workforce shortage

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a NON-PARTISAN, INFORMATIONAL effort to ensure members of Congress understand the needs of this country’s growing elderly population and their desire to stay at home as they age. ALL candidates and members of Congress may be invited on a home visit.

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