Lessons from Centenarians

The candlestick rotary phone, the ice box, the Ford V8 Sedan…if you are approaching 100 years on this earth, these definitely bring back memories.  There’s something truly remarkable about individuals who have reached the age of 100 and beyond. These centenarians, often dubbed “super-agers,” have not only witnessed a century’s worth of history but have also accumulated a treasure trove of insights that can guide us in the art of successful aging.  Here’s some lessons and perspectives shared by these extraordinary individuals.

1. Enjoy the Little Things

People who have lived a long time say they often find happiness in simple things. They love spending time with family, being outside, and appreciating everyday moments. They show us that real joy comes from connections and experiences, not from having lots of things.

2. Be Strong When Things Get Tough

During a long life, there are challenges. Centenarians have faced hard times and learned to stay strong. They teach us that being tough means facing problems with courage and finding ways to bounce back.

3. Keep Close to the People You Care About

Long-lived folks credit their long lives to the people they love. From family to friends who’ve stuck around, these relationships give them purpose and help them feel supported. Spending time with loved ones is key to aging well.

4. Keep Learning, No Matter Your Age

Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you should stop learning. Centenarians keep their minds active by reading, talking about interesting things, and staying curious about the world.

5. Stay Active, Both in Body and Mind

Many folks who reach 100 stay active – both by moving their bodies and by challenging their minds. They take walks and do puzzles, which keeps them feeling good and helps their brains stay sharp.

6. Think Positive, Even When Things Are Hard

A positive attitude can make a big difference. Centenarians believe that being positive helps them live better lives. Even when things are tough, they find something good to focus on.

7. Be Open to Change and New Adventures

The world changes a lot in a century. These older folks have seen it all – from new technology to how people live. They show us that being open to change and trying new things keeps life interesting.

Learning from people who’ve lived more than 100 years reminds us that getting older isn’t just about numbers. It’s about strong relationships, facing challenges with bravery, staying happy, and growing as a person. These lessons help us make the most of life, appreciate each moment, and age in a way that’s full of grace and joy.