Part-Time Work: A Key to Social Connection

As we age, many of us find ourselves seeking new ways to stay engaged, active, and financially secure. One avenue that holds great potential is part-time employment. Part-time jobs offer a range of benefits for older adults, from supplementing income to promoting social connections and overall well-being. In Door County, an exciting initiative called MatchUp aims to connect older adults with vetted and trained employers, providing them with fulfilling part-time job opportunities. Here are some of the advantages of part-time work for older adults:

Financial Security:
One of the primary benefits of part-time employment for older adults is the opportunity to supplement their income. Many seniors face financial challenges, such as insufficient retirement savings or unexpected expenses. A part-time job can help bridge that gap, providing financial security and reducing financial stress.

Mental and Physical Well-being:
Engaging in meaningful work has numerous positive effects on mental and physical well-being. Part-time employment keeps the mind active, helps maintain cognitive abilities, and provides a sense of purpose. It also encourages physical activity, as many part-time jobs involve movement and interaction.

Social Connections:
Part-time jobs offer valuable opportunities for social interaction and connection. They provide a chance to meet new people, establish friendships, and become part of a team. For older adults who may be at risk of social isolation or loneliness, the social aspect of a part-time job can be particularly beneficial.

Skill Utilization and Personal Growth:
Part-time employment allows older adults to leverage their skills, knowledge, and experience. It provides a platform to utilize their expertise, contribute to the workforce, and continue personal growth. Whether it’s sharing professional knowledge or acquiring new skills, part-time jobs offer a chance for personal and professional development.

Flexible Schedules:
Part-time jobs often offer flexible schedules, allowing older adults to strike a balance between work and other commitments, such as caregiving responsibilities, hobbies, or travel. Flexibility enables seniors to enjoy a fulfilling work-life balance that suits their needs and preferences.

On May 23rd, we will be providing a presentation that will shed light on the MatchUp Program in Door County. This program serves as a bridge between older adults seeking part-time employment and vetted, trained employers. The MatchUp Program carefully matches older adults’ skills, interests, and availability with appropriate job opportunities. By participating in this program, older adults can explore a wide range of part-time jobs that align with their preferences and abilities.

The MatchUp Program ensures that employers participating in the program meet certain standards and provide a supportive and inclusive work environment for older adults. This helps foster positive working relationships and enhances the overall experience for both employers and older employees. Join us on May 23rd at 11:00 a.m. in-person at the Door County Economic Development Center at 185 E. Walnut Street, Sturgeon Bay, or via Zoom. Access link can be found at our Announcements page.