Hiring a Part-Time MatchUp Coordinator

We did it! We obtained funding to launch the MatchUp program. First, let me acknowledge the Bader Foundation and express our immense appreciation of their support. Second, if you don’t know what MatchUp is, check out this video on our YouTube channel…https://youtu.be/hR4sljN1SvA. And third,…

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Part-Time Work: A Key to Social Connection

As we age, many of us find ourselves seeking new ways to stay engaged, active, and financially secure. One avenue that holds great potential is part-time employment. Part-time jobs offer a range of benefits for older adults, from supplementing income to promoting social connections…

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The Sixth Domain: Work and Civic Engagement

An age-friendly community actively engages older adults in community life and has opportunities for residents to work for pay or volunteer their skills. Older people can increase their quality of life from active involvement in voluntary activities or work, providing satisfaction and social engagement….

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